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Sticky Cities and the War for Talent

Talent attraction, retention and growth is a tale of cities. It’s about getting the fundamentals right in terms of living, working and learning spaces. The silver bullet: focus on the spaces in between. That’s where discerning talent sticks!

Turin — 2019
Keynote on Sticky Cities 

Hybridisation is Happening

Yes! #coliving is still trending topic. Whereas investment volumes in the sector skyrocketed, the very concept also suffers a bit from inflation. The hype is underpinned by a strong demand for hybrid spaces – blending residential, hospitality, workplace and retail typologies.

Berlin — 2019
Panel on The Urban Campus

Tech for Urban Hospitality

Whatever your brand – whether it be business, hotel or even city – doing hospitality well should be a main concern. Technology can be the ultimate enabler of genuine experiences. Who is setting the benchmark for value creation with connected assets?

Milan — 2018

Here’s to health & happiness

We shape our buildings, and afterwards, our buildings shape us. That one you knew. We predict health and happiness to be the next big thing in real estate ops and investment. Let’s meditate on the deeper meaning of wellness.

Florence — 2018
Workshop on Manifattura Tabacchi


Beyond the Blabla.

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