World Expo Rotterdam 2025

The incentive of the companies, organisations and governments to initiate Expo 2025 is primary economical. With Expo 2025, the involved actors aim to accelerate the transition towards an intelligent, circular and economie and make the Netherlands leading in this. This starts already today:  In the run-up towards Expo 2025 several divergent investments were done and a broad range of projects was stimulated which may result in economical opportunities for companies and knowledge institutes, as well as jobs and internships for (high school) students.

Invitation to the World
The WorldExpo is a national event with Rotterdam as main location.
WorldExpo’s are by definition comprehensive and have strong brand- and mediavalue. A WorldExpo is free in it’s shape and can easily be developed to an invitation to the World to contribute to economic transition. In this way, the Netherlands can present itself in 2025 as leading in the ‘next economy’.

Blossity developed for the bidbook of World Expo Rotterdam 2025 a series of creative concept, concerning urban vitality and visitor experience.  The concepts are about e.g. healthy food in the city, a Rotterdams passport, museological street furniture and the disappearance of the waiting line.

Stichting World Expo Rotterdam
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