Jorick in Board of Advice at Polis Platform for Urbanism TU Delft.

Jorick is now a member of the Polis Board of advice. Polis Platform for Urbanism and Landscape Architecture is the study association for Master students of the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft. Jorick joins the Board of Advice after being a Polis boardmember in 2011 and initiator of The Urbanism Week.

The Board of Advice consists of two TU Delft staffmembers and two practice members of Polis. The four members of the board assist and advice Polis on dayly bussines, ambitions, projects and help to find new contacts for content and funding.

Polis Board of Advice members: Jorick Beijer, Marjolein Peters (Studio Scale), Leo van der Burg (Urbanism) en Inge Bobbink (Landscape Architecture).