Broad support for Expo Rotterdam 2025

Over 70 governments, societal organisations and big companies support the proposal to organise Expo 2025 in the Netherlands. The incentive for these parties to support the initiative is mainly economically: they want Expo 2025 to accelerate the transition to a intelligent, circular economy and to make the Netherlands leading in this transition. The plans for Expo 2025 exists of a decennial economic program which may give an impuls of about € 50 billion to the Netherland’s BNP.

With the development of concepts for urban hospitality and the development of an international proposition for the Dutch watersector, Blossity contributed to the Expo 2025 bid.

The plan for Expo 2025 was submitted this week at the ministries of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure & Environment and Foreign Affairs. In the coming months, the Dutch cabinet will take a stand. Then will be clear if an official BID will be submitted at the BIE in Paris.