Blossity in Seoul for symposium ‘Beyond Big Plans. Let’s reinvent planning’

Rapid urban development in Seoul has broken up existing urban layers and tissues, driving away original residents. In the aftermath of the worldwide financial crisis, however, many megaprojects were brought to a standstill, calling for the critical reflection on the past practice and alternative approaches. “Beyond Big Plans; Let’s Reinvent Planning” is an international conference for urbanists and regional planners. It takes place in Seoul, South Korea, 12-15 March 2015.

The conference consists of a symposium, an expert workshop, and an exhibition (Aging Dragons). The expert workshop specially aims to deliver integrated strategies for the renewal of the Sewoon Arcade, a fifty-metre-wide and one-kilometre-long megastructure in the Seoul’s historic centre.
Local stakeholders and international experts as Zef Hemel, Kees Christiaanse and Kiho Kim contribute to the workshops. Jorick Beijer is general rapporteur of the conference and responsible for synthesising its findings.

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