Jungle Gym Learning

At Jungle Gym Learning we believe that personal development and careers never follow a straight path. We see it as our mission to create learning experiences, that make you follow surprising directions or even hang upside down for a while. Like in a jungle gym! As great Seymour Papert stated: “the role of the teacher is to create the conditions for invention rather than provide ready-made knowledge”.

Our services? Design and execution of learning experiences like co-creation workshops, excursions, summer schools and innovation think tanks. Get in touch for a chat!

Bootcamp Urban Innovation in Rotterdam

The best professors combined with an exciting challenge to solve, in a compact summer course on steroids! Open to young professionals working for governments, businesses and in academia. Serious fun, powered by Jungle Gym Learning!

AMS Young Professional Think Tank

The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions hosts a two day think tank ‘The Smart Urban Retrofit’ for young professional out of her international partner network. This will take place during the Dutch presidency over the European Union, starting January 1st 2016.